Hebrew Numbering Algorithm

Ref: W3C Working Draft 7 November 2002

4.2 Numbering systems, Hebrew section

"If someone can come up with a correct exact algorithm, then I would 
be happy to include it. Note: These rules have an error. I am waiting 
to get confirmation of how to fix them."

1) Hebrew numbering is not defined for zero. "Zero" as a concept 
postdated the hebrew numbering system, being an innovation of the 
Greeks. Other than that, I am not aware of any errors.

2) I hope I'm not resurrecting a dead issue, but usually hebrew 
numbers are distringuished from hebrew words by the addition of a 
GERSHAYIM (U+05F4) between the left most (least-significant) 
character and second left-most, as L"2xxx

3) The paper mentions that certain combinations of letters are not 
used because they are names for G-d, among them the Tetragammaton. 
The actual appearance of such in the paper, nevertheless, may be 
viewed as offensive to many of the Jewish faith. An alternative 
should be found, perhaps by adding a space between the characters.

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