Re: [css3] :viewport pseudo-class

L. David Baron wrote:

> What Mozilla has is a pseudo-element, ::-moz-viewport. I'm not sure how
> a pseudo-class would work.
> -David

My bad, this should have been a proposal for a ::viewport pseudo-element
in that case (the description still applies of course). I read some old
bugzilla messages, where ':-moz-viewport' was discussed. There was not
mentioning of pseudo-class or pseudo-element so following the CSS3
syntax I thought it was a pseudo-class.

I could have known, since Mozilla supports only recently the new syntax
for pseudo-elements. And I didn't follow my own thought it should be a
pseudo-element, since I thought there were some good reasons, you and
Ian Hickson wanted to make it a pseudo-class :-).

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Monday, 8 March 2004 13:10:04 UTC