Réf. : Re: thoughts on non-compliant browsers

> I think that property ('background-size' I believe) is nice, but I
> wonder how good it would scale. SVG or replacing the button's content
> with the 'content' property (CSS3 as well) gives better results I

Isn't what we're really looking for something that allows us to maintain
the same two objects at the same relative size:
in this case (I suppose) a bitmap background and a block of text? If the
reader needs (or just wants) larger text, he or she probably wants larger
images too...
Scaling text but not images is always going to create a result that's
different to what the designer intended... Well, I suppose if you have
enough monkeys and typewriters you're eventually going to get an
improvement on Hamlet...

Not sure how this could be implemented: I guess you'd have to declare one
object as the "size model" for others?

But, currently, Opera's "scale-everything" approach makes really good sense
for all the real-life cases I can imagine.

Received on Monday, 8 March 2004 10:17:26 UTC