RE: CSS and structure

>CSS is not a programming language, nor will it ever be. CSS requires 
>pattern-based thinking as opposed to traditional procedural programming, 
>but this is desired. The same applies for XSLT.

I never said it was procedural. Both CSS and XSLT are functional programming 
languages. They're still programming languages. You might call them markup 
languages, but the inclusion of the word programming here is only semantic.

>Introducing more structure would only serve to complicate the language. 
>When need be to have more elaborate syntax using a preprocessor is a good 
>idea. CSS should not be laiden with syntactic sugar more than is absolutely 

I agree with keeping a simple syntax, however I also state that addng 
structure to the functional rules can only help with the ability to remember 
and comprehend. I'm not suggesting that CSS needs major reform in this area, 
but it does need reform.

Perhaps another structure would be (right off the top of my head):

selector* {
  @block {
      rule-that-only-applies-to-block-elements: value;
      rule-that-only-applies-to-block-elements: value;
   rule-that-applies-to-any-element: value;

Orion Adrian

Received on Tuesday, 29 June 2004 09:34:59 UTC