Help with stylesheet classes

A few weeks ago I made a post regarding this problem and to date I still 
haven't found a solution.  For some reason, I suppose having something to do 
with the div class parameters I set for the css blend menu, the page is 
aligned absolutely to the top left of the browser window.  However, I would 
like the page to be positioned at absolute center (relative to the browser 
window).  I'm not very advanced but I can do most basic things, I'm just 
wondering if I'm overlooking something or if there's a rule I'm breaking 
somewhere in the code.  The draft page is located at  Please have a look, 
any input would be GREATLY appreciated.  **I'm actually revamping the page 
because I decided to use the design for something else instead of what I had 
originally intended it for (to sell collectible items I have around the 
house).  Thank you!


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Received on Saturday, 12 June 2004 03:33:07 UTC