Re: Vertical alignment of blocks (Was: Re: Another small question)

Thanks Max for your comments but that was a rhetoric question if you wish.

Its meaning was: for some reason there is now such entitity as middle of
line-box in CSS. Any reason? Does it make sence to introduce it?
I thought that was clear. Beg my pardon otherwise.

Andrew Fedoniouk.

> Original Message From: "Max Romantschuk"
> Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
>  > And how to place image in the middle of line box (height)?
> As I'm sure you know this list is not really intended for how-do-I style
> posts, but the short version is that there is no simple way to
> vertically center a block of arbitrary height inside another block of
> arbitrary height. With a little bit of time and the ability to search
> Google I'm sure you can verify my claims.
> Perhaps the users of the css-discuss list found at
> could be more helpful on the issue?
> .max
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> Max Romantschuk

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