Re: Another small question

> Does anybody know what is it this 'x-height' here:

Around section 4.3.2 (Lengths) in CSS 2.0.  (I've looked this up in a
draft version of CSS 2.0, which is why the section number may not be exact.)

> And what vertical position of IMG must be here:
> p { line-height:20px; }
> img { vertical-align:middle; width:4px; height:4px }

Underspecified: requires information about the used values of font-face
and font-size - in exceptional cases, it may depend on other font
attributes.  Also note that specifying line heights in anything except
pure numbers is bad practice as IE doesn't consider line-height to be a
font size attribute, so text is liable to become unreadable when users
override font sizes.  The position does not depend on line-height.

Also see around 14.4.11 (Lower Baseline).

Received on Thursday, 10 June 2004 02:53:36 UTC