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Thanks, Ernest,

I've already found a place where I saw it. It is XUL's
<box orient="horizontal">  :)

(It seems that <box orient="vertical"> is exactly HTML:DIV)

I've found concept of orient="horizontal" usefull and easy to understand.

Anynymous tables (actually anonymous table-row) was the first what I've
But there is a problem with them, see:

"7. If a child T of a 'table-row' element P is not a 'table-cell' element,
an object corresponding to a 'table-cell' element will be generated between
P and T. This object ***spans all consecutive siblings*** of T that are not
'table-cell' elements."

To be short: I just want to set attribute of a container and don't touch its
children to layout them horizontally.

display:inline-block is attribute of a child and not a container and there
no UA which support inline-block properly so far.

Anyway thanks!

Andrew Fedoniouk.

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> > As far as I remember it was an CSS attribute that allows select
> > of blocks flow in container from top-to-bottom to left-to-right. Or that
> was
> > somebody's proposal? Or this is just my bad dream?
> >
> > Something applied to container which allow to place contained blocks
> > in row but without
> > float:left, display:inline-block.
> >
> > Something what allows to declare container as display:table-row and
> > automaticly places *each* its child block as having table-cell display
> > without need to mentioning table-cell.
> It sounds like what you are looking for is the rules for the generation of
> anonymous table objects.  CSS 2.1 Section 17.2.1 [1] has the relevant
> details.
> [1]

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