Re: CSS on invalid HTML

Jukka K. Korpela wrote:
>>CSS is applied to a DOM.
> Is there an authoritative definition that says so? For CSS 1, CSS 2, or
> the CSS 2.1 draft, or the CSS 3 drafts? seems to be pretty clear 
on this (it uses the term "Document Tree" but for HTML and XML that's really the 
same thing; the normative definition of "Document Tree" is at

> That would mean that no requirements are imposed, since HTML
> specifications do not set any requirements on error processing, or on the
> generation of a DOM (even for valid documents).

That's true.  And an HTML processor that deals with HTML without building a 
document tree (eg NS4) would probably have a hard time implementing CSS in any 
sort of reasonable way.....  The behavior of CSS would have to be as if a 
document tree had in fact been built.


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