div class and alignment

In the stylesheet for a website I am designing, I have the following code:

div.lix {

This code is a portion of a serious of parameters for the div class, and 
that particular section is a fix for IE slowness on the css blend menu I am 
using the code to create.  This is all well and good since the menu works 
and is placed on the site where I want it to be placed.  However, this DOES 
override the <div align="center"> code in the body.  I don't know if anyone 
else has ever run into this problem but if anyone knows how to get the 
design to center relative to the browser window I would love to know how.  
Also, changing the values of the position:absolute DOES work, however it 
DOES NOT go to position:absolute center when I set top and left to 50%.  If 
you email me personally I can send u the code if you think you can help.  

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Received on Wednesday, 2 June 2004 12:06:15 UTC