RE: [css-print] Selector section references lang attribute

Earnest wrote:
> I can see no reason that one would need [foo|=bar] in CSS 
> Print to support language dependent processing of XHTML 
> Print.  If I am wrong, and it is needed, then CSS Print 
> should say something about the required level of support for 
> both namespaced attributes and the @namespace rule, as 
> without these, it cannot be properly used with the xml:lang attribute.
> Only if CSS Print is intended to be usable with either HTML 
> or a poorly written XHTML 1.0 document that uses lang but not 
> xml:lang can I perceive any need for [foo|=bar] to be part of 
> the CSS Print profile.

I agree, for the following reason. Since the CSS Print Profile is intended
as a companion for XHTML-Print [1], which does not require support for the
xml:lang attribute, I, too, do not see a need for requiring support either
for E:lang(c), E[lang|=code], or E[foo|=bar], hence they are annotated as
"may" for both a conforming printer and an enhanced layout printer.



I'm very appreciative of the time and effort everyone has put into the
review of the CSS Print Profile -- THANK YOU!

Received on Friday, 30 January 2004 14:59:52 UTC