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On Tuesday 2004-01-20 19:39 -0800, Martin E wrote:
> Here are two links that explain exactly how to do what you want. Be
> warned that IE 5.x, 6.0 does _not_ support the content property:
> 1.

Don't be so sure that's exactly what he wants.  The 'content' property
should be used for content that is stylistic.  It should not be used for
content that belongs in the document.  (It might be appropriate if it's
something more like the background image used on recent W3C technical
reports such as [1] -- something that only repeats information contained
elsewhere in the document.  But [1]'s example shows that the 'content'
property isn't the only way to do that.)

> Basically, the content property is used with the :before & :after
> pseudo-elements. They generate content you specify either before or
> after the selector.

No.  They describe additional content that is added to the rendering
tree as either the *first child* or *last child* of the element
*matched* by the selector.

(Perhaps on other lists such a distinction might not matter.  Here,
however, it does.)

>   From: Richard Weir 
>   THat is the one I am on. Both my email and ours are displayed in it.

fantasai was not telling you that [2] was a description of the right
list.  Rather, she was telling you that it was a description of *why* it
is the wrong list.  But apparently you didn't read it.

This discussion really is not appropriate for this list, so please don't
continue it here.  Otherwise there will be no public forum for the types
of discussions described in [2].



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