RE: [css3-page] examples in 3.3.2 (page size) are 'US-centric'(?)

Ernest wrote:
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> > From: Jungshik Shin <>
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> > There are two examples (excluding the first example for 
> > 'auto') given in section 3.3.2 and both of them refer to 
> > US letter. I think at least one of them had better use ISO A4, 
> > instead given that virtually all other countries use ISO A4. 
> > Besides, as already pointed out twice, A4 
> > is only 21.0 cm wide and 29.7 cm high instead of 210cm and 
> > 297cm. It might be a good idea to use 21.0 cm and 29.7 cm instead of 
> > 210 mm and 297 mm because numbers (21.0 and 29.7) are more comparable 
> > to 8.5 and 11 for US letter than 210 and 297.
> I always applaud a call for more diversity in the examples, 
> so I shall second your call for an example using A4 paper.  
> However I must strongly oppose your suggestion to use cm 
> instead of mm.
> There already exists a non-W3C international standard [1] for 
> specifying paper sizes, and the only units it uses are in and 
> mm. I would hope that this module would hew more closely to 
> it and possibly even include it by reference as other W3C 
> standards do for specifying languages and MIME types.  
> However, since that standard does not use cm, I would prefer 
> that even if W3C decides to roll its own that it restrict its 
> examples to using just in and mm.
> [1]

I agree you both commenters. When I update the spec later this month or
next, I will have examples using A4, the sizes will be correct (when used)
and in mm, in keeping with Ernest's comments.  I also, will reference the
PWG spec [1] on paper sizes and names.  

However, I'm not so sure about requiring support for all the paper names set
forth in [1].  I still think that A4 and Letter will cover most of the uses.
Of course, I can be convinced, otherwise, by persuasive reasoning.  My
purpose is user/document author convenience and my feeling is that names are
more accurate and readable than sizes.  I don't think it is feasible to
revise the spec, even periodically, just to add new media names -- that's
the argument for use of sizes. 

Is there a compromise that satisfies most of the people most of the time?

 - Jim Bigelow, editor

Received on Monday, 19 January 2004 13:23:41 UTC