DHTML Behaviors for Mozilla Browsers

Aplogies for this unsolicited email. Everyone in this mailshot contributed to a w3c forum discussing behaviorial extensions to CSS.

I'm a freelance web developer and wish to share something with the web development community.
I have recently developed a wrapper that allows Mozilla browsers to utilise Microsoft's DHTML behaviors with little or no conversion.
I'm happy to share this development with others and invite you to view a full working demo:


The wrapper is encapsulated in a single XBL binding, so is exremely portable.
The binding is small (4k) and contains compressed JavaScript code which loads the behavior and applies the interface defined in the HTC file.
The interfaces of some objects have been extended to allow further cross-browser compatibility.

I've only just finished this development.
So you are the first to here about it (apart from a few bored friends).
I would be delighted if you would take a look and feed back some comments/questions.

There is some (scant) documentation here:


Thank you for your time,

Dean Edwards 

Received on Wednesday, 14 January 2004 08:28:43 UTC