RE: [css3-page] LCWD issue 09 -- [9] Section 3.1 "Margin box"

Ernest wrote:
> > From: BIGELOW,JIM (HP-Boise,ex1) <>
> > I didn't consider left-center, left-top, etc.. What is your 
> > suggestion?
> The left margin box defined by the '@left' at-rule is 
> deprecated in favor of those defined by '@left-top', 
> '@left-center', and '@left-bottom'. Whenever, the deprecated 
> '@left' at-rule occurs with any of the non-deprecated 
> at-rules listed above, the UA MUST ignore the declarations of 
> the deprecated at-rule.
> The intent is for @left-top, @left-center, and @left-bottom 
> to act much as @top-left, @top-center, and @top-right do 
> except that instead of working to divide up the width of the 
> top margin between corner boxes, they would divide up the 
> height of the left margin between the corner boxes
> All three of these boxes would have a default value of 
> 'text-align' of "center" (just as @left does) but @left-top 
> would have a default value of 'vertical-align' of "top" and 
> @left-bottom would have a default value of "bottom".  (Note: 
> given the rages of values for 'text-align' and 
> 'vertical-align  might it be better to name the @left-center 
> rule @left-middle instead?)
> Similarly for the right margin we would have @right-top, 
> @right-center, and @right-bottom.  I'm assuming that if is 
> important to maintain support for @top and @bottom that @left 
> and @right need to be maintained as well.  If that is not the 
> case then @left and @right could be simply dropped instead of 
> deprecated.

I don't seem any reason not to divide the left and right margins, just as
the top and bottom are divided.  I assume you meant the height of the margin
boxes would be as dynamic and vary in the same manner as the top and bottom
boxes do.

@top and @bottom are referenced in the PWG CSS Print Profile specification
[1], which is way they are maintain.  Since @left and @right are not used,
we could just drop them.

I'm curious to hear what Håkon thinks of this suggestion.



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