Re: [CSS2.1] Background boundaries and attachment

Ian Hickson wrote:
> You would be able to by putting the background on an element inside the
> "frame".

You'd have to add an extra element solely for presentation.
Isn't CSS supposed to let one *avoid* doing that: putting in
extra markup for presentation? I certainly wouldn't want to go
around putting <div>s around all my <pre>s so I could let the
background scroll with long unbroken lines.

And then I'd have to be careful of what I do with other unrelated
properties -- the margins and border have to be on the outer element,
but not the padding. The padding has to go on the inner element, but
not the outer.

It's a hack. And its messiness isn't just a lack of theoretical


Received on Sunday, 4 January 2004 20:42:58 UTC