Re: [css-d] CSS Javascript API

* Ian Hickson wrote:
>I am very interested in finding out what people want to use this API for,
>so that we can specify a better API targetted specifically at those needs.

I need an interface (or interfaces) for tree-style access to cascading
style sheets to write general purpose CSS processing tools. Pretty
printers, validators, analyzing tools like the SelectORacle or my
Selector Visualizer [1], conversion tools that convert e.g. XHTML+CSS
documents to XSL-FO documents, etc.

DOM Level 2 Style/CSS is basically not targeted at my needs at all, I
get some of the Core stuff I need but not enough to be useful and I have
to bother with lots of specialized stuff that is not useful to me at all
especially as the specialized interfaces tend to break through time like
ElementCSSInlineStyle or CSSPrimitiveValue/CSS_ATTR.

A CSS DOM Use Cases and Requirements document would probably be helpful.


Received on Thursday, 1 January 2004 13:15:32 UTC