Re: [CSS21] Errata, Major Errors, and Comments

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Mark Moore wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Ian Hickson wrote:
>> Issues have been noted and are being dealt with (our internal issues list
>> is up to 62 issues). We'll probably release an errata update of the spec
>> in due course.
>> None of the errors so far have been particularly cricical, which is why
>> there hasn't been any particular noise, I imagine. :-)
> I'm presuming none of the 62 issues/errata will reset the 6 month CR clock
> since they are not major errors.  Is this correct?

I believe so.

>>> Can the WG clarify what might constitute a "major error"?
>> The spec contradicting itself, or leaving a non-trivial edge case
>> implicitly undefined.
> If a major error did arise, would there be an easy to grep tag in the
> subject line?  (Similar to the "[CSS21]" tag at the beginning of CR
> comments.)

I doubt it. Even the [CSS21] substring is not very reliable. ;-)

>> If someone raises a major issue (or any issue), it is noted, fixed in 
>> the internal draft, and at some future point will be included in a
>> republishing of the CSS2.1 specification.
> I understand the internal draft is just that, internal.  But, any visibility
> or hints the WG might provide about the changes would be greatly
> appreciated.  :o}
> A simple compromise would be to create a thread here that documents the
> proposed changes, or at least the identified issue that is causing the WG to
> change the CR.  Again, the WG could tag each change with a
> "[CSS21-some-arbitrary-token]" tag in the subject line.  You can make the
> tag as neutral and content free as you'd like (how 'bout [CSS21-Glomer]).

I just checked and there aren't any interesting changes. They're mostly 
editorial things or fixing bits that we forgot to fix (e.g. making the 
grammar match the various changes that the prose mentions).

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