RE: [css3-text] Tibetan tsek justification

I would recommend folks interested in Tibetan justification to have a
look at chapter 9.11 in the Unicode 4.0 book, it contains a good
description of Tibetan justification and it is not covered by CSS3 text
so far.

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Subject: [css3-text] Tibetan tsek justification

When justifying Tibetan texts, is it acceptable under any of the
'text-justify' values to use tsek marks as justification? Is this
traditional method even used in electronically composed texts? Is it
possible, before the CSS3 Text module reaches Proposed Recommendation,
to add a note explaining the eventual verdict?

Does anybody care?

(For those who don't follow the tsek question, I refer you to The
Unicode Standard 4.0.1, section 9.11, "Tibetan"; see the subsection,
"Traditional Text Formatting and Line Justification".

Etan Wexler.

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