Re: Proposal for inclusion of variable constant definition in CSS3 syntax

On Apr 28, 2004, at 3:11 AM, Max Romantschuk wrote:
> This is not so much an issue until you need to change something, like 
> a colour, which is defined in 7 places in your style sheet. When 
> making multiple changes the problem is emphasized.

This is a style management problem -- it seems to me that you may
need a better way to manage your style sheets.

The canonical geek way is to use a pre-processor.

> I realize this approach would break backwards compatibility, as well 
> as add to style sheet processor complexity. I'd like to hear if anyone 
> else feels the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of this approach.

You should probably be informed that this proposal has been made and
discussed many times on the list before.  That is not to say that
you can't bring it up again, but you need to be aware of, and address,
the objections which have already been raised.  If you can make a
compelling argument which deals effectively with those responses to
previous suggestions, then who knows?  You may get what you wanted.

You should view the archives for this list on the W3C's web site,
though, before proceeding.


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