Re: border-spacing flaw

From: fantasai <>
> Håvard Skjæveland wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Why aren't there border-spacing-top, border-spacing-right, 
> > border-spacing-bottom and border-spacing-left properties? It would seem 
> > natural to have these, along with the shorthand property
> > akin to how this is done with margin, padding and border. Will CSS3 be 
> > able to do that?
> You need to be more specific. What is "border spacing"?

He was very specific, altho the name of the property is confusing as it is
a table property and not a border property.  It is used by the separated
borders model for tables.  It doesn't interact with the border properties
at all, and it can only have two values not four.  It might be worth turning
'border-spacing' from CSS2 into a shorthand for 'border-spacing-height'
and 'border-spacing-width' in CSS3 Tables, but I wouldn't mind if it doesn't
happen.  (BTW, according to the current roadmap, the first draft of CSS3
Tables was supposed to be out three months ago.)

Received on Friday, 23 April 2004 13:17:10 UTC