Re: Controlling structure with CSS

Ian Hickson wrote:

>> Then change my question to read "authors", plural.  If functional
>> flexibility is required, it needs to be designed in - by whomever is
>> doing the designing.
>The person wanting to do the presentation might not have any control over
>the author whatsoever. For example, a user writing a user stylesheet for a
>site that he wants to rearrange.

What is wrong with the idea of then piping the site for rearrangement
through an XSLT processor (which is quite good at that) and then style
the result using CSS2  (which is quite good at that)?

I think extending CSS's capabilities (which should probably read, its
specification) ad infinitum will be its death. If that extended
functionality is desired, I think a better way would be to create a new
language, borrow the good ideas from existing technologies, add the new
ones to it and give it a new name. Then, implementors will know what they
are expected to accomplish and will design their engines appropriately
from the ground up.

Otherwise, I think an XSLT->CSS workflow is a very capable tool chain
that does most of what one might want - today.

Regards, Christian.

Received on Monday, 19 April 2004 15:41:48 UTC