Re: Controling structure with CSS

On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Adam Kuehn wrote:
> As I said, my own opinion is that I don't think that rendering order
> is purely a matter of presentation.  The Declaration of Independence
> (to choose a random historical document) does not make any sense when
> read in random order.

I completely agree that there are cases where it wouldn't make much sense
to reorder the presentation.

But look at CNN:

Today there is a Google search box at the bottom of the left column. Above
it is a "services" box with four links.

Whether the Google search box comes before or after the Services box is
completely a stylistic matter.

Another example in the same page: at the bottom today, there are three
boxes under a section titled "From our Partners". They each give a partner
name, followed by some headlines from that news source, followed by a link
to allow subscribing to that news source. The structure could be something

       <li><a href="...">...</a></li>
      <p><a href="...">Subscribe to Time</a></li>

Now imagine that the desired rendering has the three partner boxes
together, but the subscribe links put in a block on the far right.

How would you do it without moving things out of the structure of the
document during presentation?

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