Re: Controling structure with CSS

Tonico Strasser wrote:

> a quick question: would it make sense to allow authors to rearrange the 
> structure of a document wit CSS?
> Something like:
>   .icon {
>     source-order: -1;
>   }
>   <h1>Foo Bar<h1>
>   <span class="icon">(Question)</span>
> Should be displayed as:
>    (Question)
>    Foo Bar
> (Bad example, I know :/ I hope you understand what I mean.)
> Just an idea.

You don't need at all to restructure your document to do what you want.
You just have to express that from a STYLISTIC point of view, an
element followed by a element carrying class "icon" is temporarily
extracted from the normal style flow and reinserted in that flow
right after the element with class "icon".

I have a proposal allowing to do exactly that:

With that proposal, what you want could be specified

   .icon {
     bottom: previous top;

modulo some minor tweaking on h1. For the time being, CSS is not able
to do what you want.

**Of course**, you could also really reorder the elements. But then
you don't need CSS, you need a transformation language. Then take a look


Received on Friday, 16 April 2004 17:19:58 UTC