Re: Fallbacks

>>>You want all the background-* properties to be linked?
>>Yes, I think so.

I think I misunderstanded you. I didn't want them to be linked that way, 
but I understand they kind of "must" be linked that way since the 
shorthand 'background' property is really multiple properties from a 
browser/DOM kind of view?

> So what does:
>    background-image: url(404), url(404);
>    background-color: blue;

Since my intention was that this is different from:

   background:blue url(404),url(404);

I would say the that 'background-image' results to its initial value (I 
don't look up the specs right know, but I expect that happens when the 
resource can't be found).

And 'background-color' results into 'blue', the only option given, which 
is probably supported. If 'background-color' would read:


It would still have been 'blue', since the browser supports that and 
doesn't have to fall back.

> What about:
>    background-image: url(white), url(black);
>    background-color: white, black;
>    color: black, white;
> ...? Should 'color' be linked to background-* as well?

   /* assuming that isn't a 404 image */

  Anne van Kesteren

Received on Thursday, 15 April 2004 14:05:25 UTC