Re: Fallbacks

>>   color:change-red-amount(255),red;
> You can already do this.
>     color: red;
>     color: change-red-amount(255);
> Forward compatibility was part of CSS1's original design.

Let me give you one of the examples Tantek provided using CSS1 syntax (I 

   background: lime;
   background: red url(fancy-lime-pattern-returns-404);

This will be read as (or similar, probably using a hex value):

   background: red;

Using (assuming the whole "serie" must "pass" in CSS3):

   background: red url(fancy-lime-pattern-returns-404), lime);

Would solve this problem and it can be made backwards compatible as 
well, since a comma is not part of the 'background' property in CSS 2.1.

(For properties that have a comma as part of the value, there has to be 
found a way to ensure backwards compatible parsing, of course; I think 
that is possible.)

  Anne van Kesteren

Received on Wednesday, 14 April 2004 02:25:16 UTC