Re: line-height: <length> should be revoked

David Woolley wrote:
> * {line-height: 1.2em;}
> This effectively negates the specified inherit default on line-height

Which effectively breaks line-height in the simple case (set it on a 
block, have it used for the text in that block), because you have to 
worry about whether there are some random <p> or <div> tags inside that 

May as well simply not implement line-height.

>>Yes.  Note that this is corrected in CSS 2.1, which only uses number 
>>line-height values in the example style sheet.
> The particular point is that CSS 2.0 only specified it on the body element

Actually, no.  It specified it on something else too, as I recall.  CSS 
2.1 _does_ only specify it on the body, which is intentional, given that 
it inherits.


Received on Tuesday, 13 April 2004 09:16:35 UTC