content: url() replacement

The specs have a replacement for
element {
content: url(image.gif);
CSS3 now has a *standardized* method for image replacement, the icon property. 
The above CSS becomes: 
element {
icon: url(image.gif);
display: icon;
I guess even the creators of the specs themselves thought that content: url() was bad so they came up with an alternative (which no browser supports yet; test page:
Of course, this may be wrong. I'm just concluding that that is what icon is used for. 
Yesterday Peter-Paul Koch published the second version of Javascript Image Replacement (, and the only browser it is buggy in is MyIE2. I believe that until icon is well-supported we should use Javascript to replace text with images, not the "evil" content: url() or the unsupported icon property.

Dante Evans
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Received on Monday, 12 April 2004 13:57:53 UTC