Re: Styling table columns--why so limited?

Ian Hickson wrote:
> The problem is solve is: Given this HTML markup snippet:
>    <table>
>     <colgroup>
>      <col id="a">
>      <col id="b">
>      <col id="c">
>     </colgroup>
>     <tr>
>      <td id="d">
>      <td id="e">
>      <td id="f">
>     </tr>
>     <tr>
>      <td id="g" colspan="2">
>      <td id="h">
>     </tr>
>    </table>
> ...and this CSS:
>    #b { display: none; }
>    #a { color: purple; }
>    #c { color: blue; }
> ...find a way to ensure that d and g end up purple and e ends up blue,
> with f and h remaining unstyled.
> How does your proposal solve this?

I'm author and I'm new to this forum, so may be I don't see all 
particularity of this discusion, but ...

I hear here two voices: first says, that the table model in CSS don't 
response to that one in HTML and the secont, that the properties in COL 
can't be simply inherited to the cells because of examle above.
I don't understand one point of the discusion. When we concur, that the 
properties from COL element have to impact on cells, then why display 
none only ignore the coll element and not all the cells in the column. 
By me is the definition of display for COL wrong. Haw I see it the 
example above have to be a table with two rows:
row 1: d in purple, f in blue
row 2: g in purple (only in 1st column, the second isn't displayed), h 
in blue

I see one more alternative - the cell g is completely not displayed.

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