Re: Alternate stylesheets and the "disabled" DOM property

Boris Zbarsky wrote:

>>cons: no DOM mechanism to directly select a set based on its name. That's
>>connex to your item above but deserves to be mentioned independently.
> As I previously said (though not clearly in my original mail), both options
> would have that capability.  The only question is what selection by name would
> do -- apply all sheets with that name, or apply all sheets with that name that
> are enabled?

Why do you have to chose ? Since you are talking of a new API, add an
extra boolean parameter with true = "reset disabled attribute"  and
false = "disabled sheets remain disabled".

>>I think approach #2 is more logical and in the end offers more control to both
>>the web author and the user on the document's rendering
> Could you amplify on this?  A use case would help here....

Editors (or editing environments embedded in a browser for instance,
contenteditable for IE, Midas for Mozilla) are an excellent use case...

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