Re: [CSS] Lengths relative to the line height

David Woolley wrote:

>> Would it be good if there's a unit just like 'em' (where you specify 
>> a length relative to the parent element's font size) to specify 
> This is wrong.  em refers to the current element except when setting 
> the font size.

O.k. - my mistake. But it doesn't change the matter.

>> lengths relative to the parent element's line height?

(read as "relative to the current element's line height")

> I can't see any value in this except as a case of a more general 
> mechanism to reference the computed value of any length valued property,
> and even then I think one is getting into bloat and risks problems
> with circularity of reference.
> [...]
> My current experience is that many pages now display with lines too close
> together to read comfortably, even when using an IE medium font size.
> In some cases the lines overlap - this happens for the error messages from
> one of the Microsoft proxy servers.  IE, which has most of the market,
> only locks the font size when one disables author sizes, so a line height
> that is not specified in em's will go wrong.

Generally, I wasn't talking about bad author practices nor 
specifying line heights using absolute units. As I've stated 
previously it would be as just useful as using 'em's.


Received on Monday, 29 September 2003 04:28:58 UTC