Re: [CSS] Lengths relative to the line height wrote:

> --- Stanimir Stamenkov <> wrote:
>> Would it be good if there's a unit ... to specify lengths 
>> relative to the parent element's line height?
> [...]
> Is the computed end result of the unit only dependant on the line-
> height property or are you considering values relative to the actual 
> calculated line-box height? In the former case you should probably 
> use explict declarations instead since you may need to consider 
> possible replaced element and in the second i think the potential for 
> circular dependencies etc is far to large. How would you know how 
> many lines you needed in the float example? Unless you use nowrap or 
> something you couldn't really know since that is UA and font 
> dependant i think.

O.k. May be I have to think more about it. Generally, I've though it 
is interesting because the text content is laid out in lines and the 
line height used for specifying lengths relative to it is just 
useful as specifying lengths relative to the font size.


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