Re: [CSS] Lengths relative to the line height

James Craig wrote:

> Isn't the default line-height 1.2em? Unless you redefine it, you could 
> use em units times 1.2...

The default is pretty relative, at least for me. A user could set a 
different default or there may be times where I specify a cascading 
rule where I don't know if the default line height is changed.

> However, it sounds potentially useful. Do you have a specific use for 
> this in mind? If so, please elaborate so we can get a better grasp of 
> your intention. I having trouble imagining an example.

The only example I have in mind, right now, is where I have a 
floated element which I would like to make exactly N lines tall, 
without leaving gap at the bottom which could get almost one line 
(if the floated element takes just a little bit of it).

Probably it is not so important but I've thought it sounds 
interesting, too.


Received on Friday, 26 September 2003 13:14:34 UTC