:before and :after consideration for RTL languages,

Hi All,
  i am trying to understand how one should interpret the :before and :after content in 
case of RIGHT TO LEFT LANGUAGES.  For eg. if page contains a string as before
and after content and it can be either RIGHT TO LEFT LANGUAGE string or  a 
LEFT TO RIGHT LANGUAGE string.   How does this needs to interpreted
while running bidirectional algorithm on that node,
1) should BIDI algo run on the entire content formed after processing the :before and :after
2) place the :before from the right(in case of RTL) and then content and then :after content
    ( the reverse of this for LTR languages)
Can someone explain what is criteria that needs to be used. Or part of the css 2.0 or any other draft spec
which gives details about this .

Received on Saturday, 20 September 2003 13:43:55 UTC