[CSS21] New draft of CSS 2.1

The CSS WG published a new "last call" working draft of CSS 2.1. That
means that this is expected to be the last call for comments, before
the draft becomes Candidate Recommendation. (In other words, we don't
expect any comments that reveal serious problems :-) )

The document is available at


and the deadline is Oct 10. As usual, the best place for comments is
this mailing list. And please prefix the subject lines with [CSS21],
as I did here, so we can more easily find the comments in the

There are also (mechanically generated) diffs between the previous
draft and this one and between CSS2 and this draft, although so many
sentences have been rewritten that the latter especially may not be of
too much use:

Diff with CSS2:

Diff with WD of 28 Jan:

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