Re: list-style-position

On Sun, 14 Sep 2003, fantasai wrote:
>> Why doesn't it work like that? UA bugs, or does the spec not do what you
>> want?
> Both.
> Here's a testcase:
> As for the spec, [...]

I meant the CSS3 spec, which is very different. I think the CSS3 spec
rsolves your problem. See:

Both of these have W3C internal draft versions that have been updated to
fix some problems discovered with the above sections, so I wouldn't
recommend looking too closely at the text at this point. But the ideas
should be clear enough.

CSS2.1 is vague enough, IMHO, to allow the CSS3 interpretation as one of
the allowed renderings. I guess we could make it even vaguer. We don't
want to specify the exact behaviour in 2.1 because (a) we haven't
completely agreed on what that is yet and (b) the new behaviour is
intrinsincly linked to new pseudo-elements and properties, and is hard to
describe without introducing them.

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