One more list-item thought

This may be to farfetched and i am not even sure of whether it is 
useful, but would it be good to disconnect the list item features 
from the display: list-item value? 

The main advantage would be to simplify rendering lists inline but it 
could possibly be useful to allow the list concept to work based on 
::marker for other styling as well (eg h1::marker {content: normal} 
if that is considered style...). 

What i am thinking about is something like:

- Default works like today
- li {display: inline) /* should generate a list such as: 1. first 2. 
- li {display: block}  /* should generate a list equivalent with 
todays li {list-style-position: inside}*/

This could possibly be defined something like:
a marker pseudo element (with 'content' which is not 'inhibit') only 
generates a marker box when the display of the element is list-item 
and the list-style-position is outside, otherwise it generates a box 
that is treated as a replaced inline element.

The above assumes the outside potisioned marker has its own box, 
rather than being an inline-block box.

To ensure default behavior of <li> something like:
li::marker {content: normal}
(and perhaps: *::marker {content: inhibit} ?)
is added to the suggested default style sheet.

Further, the list properties apply if the element has a marker pseudo-
element which has a content property of a value other than inhibit 
(rather than if display: list-item). Such elements also introduce the 
special list-item counter increment etc.

Does the above make any sense and would it be useful if so?

As a side note, would it be useful to add body to the below suggested 
default to capture list-item featured elements that are rendered as 
list items but are not in content an actual list-item in a list ( eg, 
h1 {display: list-item})?

 ol, ul { counter-reset: list-item; }


Received on Friday, 12 September 2003 13:26:42 UTC