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On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, wrote:
> Is it a good thing to define the ::marker box based on 'inline-block'
> and if so why?

The type used must take part in the inline box model, which basically
means 'inline', 'inline-block', or 'inline-table'. 'width' does not apply
to 'inline' boxes, so that's out, and 'inline-table' involves table
layout, which is excessive. That leaves 'inline-block'.

This does raise an interesting point though, since a later comment says
that normally only line-height affects the line box, which is obviously
not true for inline-block... Hmm. I'll need to think about this.

> Is the intention to have markers spanning multiple lines

That is also made possible by making outside markers 'inline-block', yes.

> if so what was your overflow comment refering to?

The overflow comment stands on its own -- the 'overflow' property does not
apply, and the overflow on a marker box is always visible.

> Would having a restriction on when the value 'outside' is actually
> applicable help with reducing and/or help debugging the troublesome
> conflicts?

Which troublesome conflicts? I think the current spec is pretty
well-defined for those cases, isn't it?

> What i am thinking of is something to the effect that a marker that is
> positioned outside must fit into the margin of the principal box or the
> padding (or margin?) of the containing block.  Otherwise the computed
> value of list-item-position becomes 'inside'.

Computation must come before layout, so that couldn't work.

> Why position the ::marker box horizontally based on the position of
> the line or content edge rather than the border edge of the principal
> box?

So that it gets moved by floats.

> Does this in some way help with float issues and would positioning with
> regards to border edge reduce the likelyhood of float conflicts?

No, it would increase them.

> The text-indent and/or text-align properties does not affect the
> position of the ::marker box in this model right? (neither are
> mentioned in the lists WD with regards to outside position, perhaps
> there should be an informative note?)

Those properties do not affect the line box, so they do not affect the
position of the marker.

> Would it not be easier to make the ::marker box affect the line-
> height with its margin/padding/border either always(my spontaneous
> preference) or never rather than based on its contents? (how would an
> inline-block affect the line in the initial line-stacking-strategy?)

Whatever display type we finally decide on, the marker box will affect the
line box height in the same way.

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