Re: Selectors+accessibility (the XML threat)


Jukka K. Korpela writes:
> What would be needed is a rule that says (globally or for
> the elements that match a given selector, or set of
> selectors) "if property P has value X, then use the
> initial value for P instead, and set property Q to value
> Y". (This would involve primitive programming, in a sense,
> and would take CSS a little closer to a programming
> language. I don't think this should be an obstacle, but
> others might.)

OK, then why not recommend that the user be able to write
some Javascript (a scripting language that is already common
in most browsers) that manipulates the properties of the
elements before rendering?  Of course, that would mean
standardising some way of allowing the script to access the
CSS data structures (sort of like DOM but different).

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Received on Thursday, 4 September 2003 03:49:02 UTC