[CSS2.1] Visual Effects


# An element's height exceeds an explicit height assigned
# to the containing block (i.e., the containing block's
# height is determined by the 'height' property, not by
# content height).

An explicit height on the containing block can cause
overflow even if each individual descendant has a height
that is less than the containing block; it's the position
of the bottom edge of the box that's important.

# - A descendent box is positioned absolutely, partly
#   outside the box. Such boxes are not clipped by the
#   overflow property on their ancestors.
# - A descendent box has negative margins, causing it
#   to be positioned partly outside the box.

What about relatively positioned boxes?

#  In the following example, pressing either form button
# invokes a user-defined script function

user-defined or author-defined?

You might want to make the manipulation of CSS properties
more explicit. The show and hide functions don't say anything
about CSS.


Received on Tuesday, 4 November 2003 12:42:17 UTC