Re: CSS version selectors?

Daniel Glazman wrote:
> James Craig wrote:
>> Does anyone have any thoughts on CSS version selectors? I don't know 
>> about this examples' syntax, but I envisioned something that would 
>> only work if an agent supported a full specification:
> The only way, imho, we could have such a feature would be related to
> the corresponding Test Suite.
>   :isimplemented(<property>)
> The UA would be responsible of making that condition true or false
> if the UA passes or not all the W3C tests related to the property.
> Kindof a CSS equivalent to the DOM hasFeature().
> The cool thing here is that the CSS error handling applies: if the
> property is not implemented at all, it's not recognized at parsing,
> and the rule is thrown away. And if :isimplemented() is not itself
> implemented, same effect.

Hmm, why not have something like this (things in [square brackets] 
should be user specified):

@css-version [version] {
     /* blah */

@css-feature property([css-property]) [version] {
     /* blah */

@css-feature value([css-value],[css-property]) [version]{
     /* blah */

and this one for user-agent specific targetting:

@user-agent [user-agent] [user-agent-version]{
     /* blah */

Or possibly, this one for nonstandard css:
@proprietary [optional-user-agent] [optional-user-agent-version] {
     /* blah */

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