YesLogic Prince 2.0

Hi all,

Today we have released Prince 2.0, the second version of our XML+CSS
formatter for producing PDF and PostScript.

Prince 2.0 has these exciting new features:

 * Multi-Column Layout and Floating Blocks
 * Lists, Counters and Generated Content
 * Page Headers / Footers and Duplex Printing
 * Many additional CSS properties and selectors
 * Graphical User Interface for Microsoft Windows

Unlike other formatters, Prince prints any XML vocabulary without relying
on proprietary markup. With support for XHTML, DocBook, SVG and advanced
styling, Prince is the ideal choice for data-driven document printing,
electronic publishing and automatic typesetting.

I invite you all to try the demo for Windows and Linux available on our
website at and would love to hear any comments and
suggestions you might have.

Best regards,

Michael Day

YesLogic Prince prints XML!

Received on Tuesday, 27 May 2003 07:08:57 UTC