Re: CSS3 Selectors question

On Sat, 3 May 2003, Ernest Cline wrote:
> For example, consider the following set of CSS rules:
>   ::selection {outline: medium red solid}
>   ::selection>* {outline: medium green dashed}
> If ::selection could have children this would enable a user to
> determine if the selection boundary matched up with an element boundary
> even if it was not obvious in the nonselected document.

I would suggest that there would be much better ways, in terms of user
interface, to show this. The rule above is likely to end up with multiple
intersecting lines in a rather confusing muddle.

> 1) Is there a way of establishing that ::selection has precedence?

I'm not sure what you mean by "precedence". It has a specificity of
(0,0,0,1), same as any pseudo-element.

> Still if the intention is that ::selection is to have no children, then
> that is something that should be added to the errata.


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