Re: CSS2 "Content"

I want to let other people use their GuestBook on their web site. Since 
the cgi script can't write into a file on another server I can't do 
that. So it writes it into a file on my server. So the client could use 
SSI to include the file but the problem with that is the file has to be 
on the same server. I tried JavaScript but there are certain charaters 
that would ruin it. I tried object but it does not work on Internet 
Explorer. I tried CSS but it didn't work, now I'm thinking :)
I know this is a CSS list but any ideas?

Boris Zbarsky wrote:

>>Then they must not let you use HTML content.
>Correct.  Mozilla will do images in url() generated content, but that's it.
>For now.
>It's not clear what HTML content would do there in any case.  Draw an iframe?
>Or what?

Received on Monday, 31 March 2003 17:44:52 UTC