Re: :here for Links

Ernest Cline wrote:

> If the author chooses to use that style of href then they can use 
> a[href^="foo.html#"] on a per page basis. No matter what style of local URL 
> they choose to use this technique would work. I will grant that if you are 
> using an external stylesheet :here would gather in those local links of 
> various forms that [href^="#"] does not, but I fail to see why the author 
> could not use #bar instead of foo.html#bar. Failure on the part of a page 
> author to use an existing method is no reason to create a new one. From the 
> viewpoint of a document author there is no reason for :here.

This just does not work with user stylesheets...


Received on Monday, 31 March 2003 10:08:48 UTC