Re: CSS2 "Content"

> Then they must not let you use HTML content. I'll have to try using 
> text. I would use XHTML for this but Internet Explorer does not let you 
> use object.

Getting rather off topic, but any browser that doesn't handle object
properly, which is an appropriate vehicle for inserting HTML content,
is hardly likely to handle external HTML content in CSS, which seems 
unlikely to be a reasonable use of CSS.

Remember that HTML is designed to convey the information content, whereas
CSS is designed to convey appearance, that may reinforce the information
content, but should not carry information not present in the HTML.  Trying
to introduce addtional HTML via CSS appears, to me, to be trying to use
CSS for information and therefore an inappropriate use of CSS.  In particular,
CSS is not an appropriate technique for server side including menu bars - if
you want that, you will have to hope that validating XML browsers become 
common, so that you can use entities, or use object, and hope that gets
taken seriously as more than a vehicle for ActiveX and Java.

Received on Saturday, 29 March 2003 03:50:46 UTC