Re: CSS3-Lists-20021107 Comments

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003, Etan Wexler wrote:

> Michel Suignard wrote to <> on 26 March 2003 in "RE:
> CSS3-Lists-20021107 Comments"
> (<mid:84DD35E3DD87D5489AC42A59926DABE901032DBD@WIN-MSG-10.wingroup.windeploy
> > In addition, it is an absolute no no to change character name.
> I think that the suggestion was to change the CSS keyword, not the character
> name.

Right. I wasn't suggesting a change to Unicode but to the CSS3 list module

What I am suggesting is including a marker keyword that is unambiguously
the EN DASH character (U+2013).

Henri Sivonen

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