Re: CSS3-Lists-20021107 Comments

On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Daniel Yacob wrote:


|| hyphen
||     A hyphen bullet. (like . U+2043 HYPHEN BULLET or . U+2013 EN DASH)
|    or . U+2014 EM DASH or . U+2015 HORIZONTAL BAR. In Russian it is
|    common to use an EN or EM DASH as a list marker. The authors have
|    never seen U+2043 as a list marker and suggest it be renamed 'dash'
|    which is more accurate.

I'd like to second to that.

In Finnish it is customary to use the EN DASH as a list marker. (In fact,
the recent use of the bullet is due to limitations of foreign software.)
However, using a hyphen instead of a dash would look like a typographical

Henri Sivonen

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