RE: Proposed Additions to list-style-type based on Unicode 4.0

Chris, at this stage, through the synchronization agreement with ISO
SC2/WG2 there is no chance of a change in characters in Unicode 4.0. The
2 corresponding ISO 10646 amendment are now in a non technical ballot
where no technical changes are allowed.
It would take a negative ballot result (it has not happened in years) to
derail this.

At this point, Unicode 4.0 is still beta concerning character
properties, but for all practical purpose the repertoire is not.

Finally I am finding fascinating that people are spending cycles on
figuring out numbering schemes for Aegean, I can't wait to see what will
happen when we get Mayan and Hieroglyphic in!

(also project editor for ISO 10646)

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YFT> Ernest Cline wrote:

>>I was going over the characters that are added in the Unicode 4.0 

Yes, its fascinating. Note that many of these characters are not yet
approved and might not appear in Unicode 4. Its certainly possible to
start discussion, but unaproved scripts should probably not be used in a
CSS3 Rec.

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