Re: Reversing list order

I think that would be a practical feature but I also think one have to 
be careful since it seems to touch the border between transformation 
(XSL-T) and presentation.  However,  there are already such things as 
generated content which to me also touches the border but are incredibly 
helpful in CSS.

To make "list-order" more orthogonal and powerful it might be a good 
idea to disconnect it from "list", since order could apply to every 
non-absolute content, and introduce a "order" property applying to every 
set of children of a node. Maybe for HTML it makes little difference but 
when presenting general XML it would be really useful.

A potential problem may be increased burden on a CSS implementation. It 
would mean that one would have to consider that static content no longer 
could be rendered top-down as is possible now it seems. Some of the 
table problems may pop up.

However, I think the usefulness is greater than the burden put on 

Jim Dabell wrote:

>[Originally found on www-html]
>On Monday 17 March 2003 5:13 pm, Joshua Clinard wrote:
>>Please include an option to specify that items in an ordered list will
>>appear in reverse order in the next working draft. I was thinking that
>>something similar to the following would work well. I am sure others would
>>agree that this is a needed option.
>I agree.  Consider html mail clients, reversing the order of messages would be 
>a one-liner client-side script, instead of a round-trip to the server.  Could 
>this be added to the list module easily?
>>ul { list-order: reverse; }
>I would prefer { list-order: reversed }, although applying it to an <ol> 
>element would be more consistent than applying it to a <ul> element..

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